Island Dance and Gymnastics

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Arianne Movasaghi

Arianne started her dance training at the age of four.  She is most recognized for her passion of dance and her commitment to perfecting her technique makes her a unique and detailed dancer.   

She continues to train with world-class International Latin champions, including Sasha Gordoteskyy and Nataliya Sergiyenko.  Additionally, Arianne is trained in Salsa, Ballet, and Belly Dance.  

Arianne hopes to inspire her students to take their dancing to the next level. Her teaching background and strong knowledge of dance techniques, ensure that her students enjoy a positive dance experience.  

Arianne teaches and performs throughout Washington, including the First Class Ballroom, Western Washington University, Backstage Dance Studio, La Vida Dance Studio and Fidalgo Bay Danceworks. 

She enjoys sharing her deep-rooted love of dance with her students to help them make a connection between dance and a healthy lifestyle.