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Simon leon - tai chi

Simon offers Tai Chi classes on:

Tuesdays 12:00-1:00

Tuesdays - Beginner Class 1:00-2:00 August 30 - September 26

Thursday  6:30-7:30

You can contact him at (360) 661-7298 to sign up for classes or for more information.

Emily Day's 5Rhythyms wave - gentle dance

Perfect for the older body and those of you who think you "can't dance!"  Guided by Emily Day (a 5Rhythms practitioner since 1989) DJ'ing a mix of musical styles, you'll learn to "listen" to how your body wants to move right now - in this moment!  It's a kinesthetic awareness that you can quickly practice on your own whenever you're feeling out of touch physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Your body knows what it needs to thrive and love - yourself, others and our planet.

Emily's class is on Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 ($50 for a 4-class card)

For more information or to schedule a private session for you or your family, call (360) 221-5989 or email  The website will give you more info about all that Emily does.

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