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Sports Barre

Island Dance & Gymnastics is offering a new class specifically designed for athletes.  It's not a dance class, but it utilizes the techniques in ballet that develop explosive leg-power and agility.  It's not your typical monotonous workout, but mentally challenging, skill building, killer cross-training.  It's designed for any sport where responsive, adaptive, explosive, and coordinated leg-work is required to win the game.

SPORTS BARRE takes the frou-frou out of ballet and turns it into a grueling endeavor only for the serious athlete who wants to crush their opponent. Based on ballet with a little martial arts and yoga mixed in, SPORTS BARRE will make you a far more adaptable and stronger athlete of any sport.

SPORTS BARRE is ideal supplemental training for sports relying on explosive agility, like football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, tennis, volleyball, even martial arts and gymnastics. This class builds a better athlete with the core-stabilizing, glut-/quad-/calf-strengthening foundations of ballet, along with improved flexibility, balance, and coordination.  Despite its ballet roots, there is nothing pretty about this class.

SPORTS BARRE is only available this summer at Island Dance & Gymnastics. Taught by Mark Thrapp, an ex-professional dancer from New York (now living on WI), with many years of martial arts and yoga training and teaching under his belt.  In 2009, Mark developed a cross-training system seamlessly integrating kung fu, dance, and yoga, called KUDAYO.  SPORTS BARRE is just one type of class from the KUDAYO curriculum, and was created specifically to address the performance needs of serious athletes.  Another class from the KUDAYO curriculum ideal for athletes is YIN YOGA FLOW, an intensly relaxing deep stretch for true flexibility, is also available at Island Dance.

Teacher:  Mark Thrapp

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