Island Dance and Gymnastics

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Jazz, Beginning through Advanced

Jazz is a fast-paced class that challenges students to express themselves physically and mentally, while learning jazz technique, utilizing popular, jazz and world music.  The class begins with a warm-up, then floor work including isolation techniques and ending with a dance combination.  Jazz classes are available for beginning  through advanced dancers, ages 6-adult.  Open Jazz is after work hours and great for adults!

Young Dancers, Ages 6-12 - Jazz I, II, III - Female: Black jazz pants with any color or style leotard.  Leotard is to be worn under the pants.  Jazz shoes with split sole. Hair must be away from the face.  Male:  White tee shirt, black jazz pants and jazz shoes with split sole.

Ages 12+   - Beginning/Intermediate, Intermediate, and Open Jazz:  Any comfortable dance or workout attire – no street clothes (no jeans or khaki pants).  Jazz shoes with split sole or solid bottoms. Jazz tennis shoes or hip hop shoes may be used in jazz class.  No street shoes.  Hair must be away from the face.


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