Island Dance and Gymnastics

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Modern Dance

Modern Dance classes include work on multiple levels: floor, mid-level, standing and traveling.  Spinal/pelvic alignment is emphasized within the movement vocabulary of spirals, tilts, contractions and release.  Classes may include creative or improvisational components. Concurrent enrollment in Ballet is recommended for all levels.

Modern classes are available for beginning through advanced, ages 9 to adult.

Female:  Any color or style leotard.  As there is considerable floor work, a long sleeved or ¾ length sleeved leotard is suggested.  Leggings, tights or jazz pants.  Dancewear must reveal the spine and pelvic alignment.  Bare feet.  (Foot thongs/Foot Undeez recommended). Hair must be away from the face and off the neck.  No jewelry.

Male:  Any appropriate dancewear.  Bare feet.



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